Tesla releasing their Model 3

Tesla is announcing their new model for quite some time already! Of course, it’s the new Model 3 news are talking about for so long. And now, the concept is very close to seeing daylight. ¬†It’s actually a classic Tesla car, but it’s their most affrodable car so far. The price starts at 35.000$ .

Despite having a price so affordable, it is designed and constructed as extremely safe in every category. Tesla’s Model 3 has a 215 miles range per one charging. This model is said to go from zero to 60 miles per hour speed in less than 6 seconds. It has seating for 5 adult persons and is, as already said, designed to gain 5 star rating in every safety category. It’s also equipped with autopilot hardware, which is a revolution with affordable car models today.

Apart from big mileage per charging, the Model 3 has a Supercharge option which allows you to fully charge your car in no time.

An official Tesla’s photo model of the mentioned model realising in mid 2018

It will be the firts vehicle built on Tesla’s third generations platform. The production has, as said, already started in mid 2017 and first vehicle deliveries areexpected to take place in mid 2018. One thing is sure, Tesla fans can’t wait to get a quick look of the new release! We’re also very curios about the latest version of this revolutionary car, so you can expect us to inform you about all the latest uppdates and news about Tesla’s Model 3.

The aim of the model, they say from Tesla company, is to reduce the cost and entry prices for electric vehicles  without making any compromise on performance and range.

And everything packed in a beautiful armor! We can’t say nothing more but how excited we are about this model, like we’ve never been before!

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