Airbus reveals its new concept

Airbus has just announced their completely new and innovative concept of a car. This car is, we assure you, more than a car. It’s a car, a train and a drone, all packes in one! This fascinating concept has a soundly name – Pop.Up. We know you’ve probably already heard about some drone-car concepts in the past, but we can tell you this one is a brand new thing! It’s fascinating, stunning and yet looks so simple.

It’s a vehicle which you use just like you use any other car on the road. You sit and let it take you wherever you need. But, in case you get stuck in traffic, you can be sure you’ll pass the jam way faster than anyone else. How come?

Well, that’s where it gets so interesting and amusing.

If there’s a need for it, your car becomes a flying drone and takes you far away from the present traffic jam in no time. And you can do all that without having to take your butt off the car seat. When the jam is way behind you, your mean of transportation easily becomes car again and continues to drive you by road.

There are number of videos made to show the concept of the idea and which realisticly give us the view of the drone car. It looks like a concept for a video game more than it lopoks like something that will become reality in our near future.Of course, this concept is run by a zero emission electric motor, so it’s also environmentaly friendly!

No matter how fun or how amazing this looks, we somehow doubt it will become a thing anytime soon. Ofcourse, the inventors – Airbus company didn’t set any time frame for this technology miracle to become a reality, so we don’t really expect it that soon.

This is how the new drone car should look!

But, no matter, we’re glad and we support this amazing idea of merging technology and traffic into one. This concept is one of the few similars to be show at the biggest Motor show in the world. Of course, we talk about Geneva Motor Show. And we must add, the Airbus’ presentation was a huge success and the visitors really seemed to enjoy the car – drone videos.

You can see how it should work on the photos, bus the detauled videos and gallery are also available on the official Airbus’ web pages. There’s nothing left for us to do but to wish them good luck with this futuristic project!