South West Motor Show

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About Us

Hi fellow Readers,

We are a team of SouthWest Motor show who work on giving you the best Motor Show experience. We’ve been working on organizing this huge event for 12 years already!

That meaning we have a huge experience in the given field and that we are very professional in what we do. Since the first year we arranged the car show exibition, a lot has changed. From having 2 halls we’ve made our Show one of the biggest in the area with 6 exibition halls and more tha 60.000 square meters of space.

We’ve equipped the place with dining areas, bars, souvenir and ticket shops so our visitors can get the best show experience we could possibly bring to them. We collaborate with a lot of car companies, as well as insurance companies ¬†and safety professionals.


You must already know how our Motor show is more than a show – it is also an educational tool for all the car enthusiasts and lovers. During our Show you can attend a lot of workshops about car and traffic safety. If you’re bringing your kids with you, we can also make them busy with fun workshops for kids and toddlers.

The cars you can see at our Motor shows are not the cars you usually come accross in any car salon or dealer shop. What we have here is a completely unique experience with all the modern technololgies and designs in one place.

You can see som already built vehucles and cars, as well as get a glimpse of what’s about to be designed and built in the near future. Our video walls show you the best video clips and models you’ve never seen before. We get some exclusive shots from the biggest car companies and are familiar with the latest concepts from day one. We’re familiar with all the numbers and photos of the latest releases and those who are just about to become one.

We’re happy to be able to thank you for 12 years of support and can do nothing more that promise you we will work harder than ever to bring you even better and bigger show experiences here at South West Motor show. Thanks for all the help and visits, because we are nothing without you, our dear visitors.

There’s nothing left but to invite you all to be a part of the next Motor show we’re organizing,