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July 24, 2017

New and refreshed 2018 Ford Mustang

We must all agree Mustang is a cult-car. We loved almost every model and every update that was made with this one. I mean, it’s a Mustang… Who wouldn’t?

We were familiar with what the new 2018 release will bring, but seeing the first photos and reading about exact specifications gives a slightly different, more intense feeling for all of us.

Ford releases photos of this new and updated eye-candy car

The most important thing we’ve notices is deffinitely a new, upgraded engine and new transmission combined with some new software solutions. We already had some news about new Mustang back in January, but we didn’t really get any number from Ford’s engineers. It’s well known that this new model will get the 10 speed automatic transmission that was designed by both Ford and General Motors. It’s alsosaid that the new dual injection system will boost the output of the 5.0 to 460-horsepower and 420 lb ft. of torque from the previous 435/400 number which is quite amazing.

Apart from all the spectacular performances, try checking the attached photos to see what really makes this Mustang a Mustang! The optional 12” LCD  cluster is the first digital display on a Mustang car. That meaning you can choose and pick everything you see. Customize it by choosing all the colours and make it completely yours.  It’s fast, responsive and just like everything else in this Mustang, absolutely beautiful.

You don’t even have to sit in the car in order to feel the speed. Everything on this Mustang looks and speaks fast and speed. It’s like the outer look of the car speaks about all the amazing performances at first glance. This car is technology combined with pure beauty. You can customize almost everything  you see on this vehicle and that’s what makes it so awesome. We’ve got nothing left but to wait for the new release of this cult car.

Tesla releasing their Model 3

Tesla is announcing their new model for quite some time already! Of course, it’s the new Model 3 news are talking about for so long. And now, the concept is very close to seeing daylight.  It’s actually a classic Tesla car, but it’s their most affrodable car so far. The price starts at 35.000$ .

Despite having a price so affordable, it is designed and constructed as extremely safe in every category. Tesla’s Model 3 has a 215 miles range per one charging. This model is said to go from zero to 60 miles per hour speed in less than 6 seconds. It has seating for 5 adult persons and is, as already said, designed to gain 5 star rating in every safety category. It’s also equipped with autopilot hardware, which is a revolution with affordable car models today.

Apart from big mileage per charging, the Model 3 has a Supercharge option which allows you to fully charge your car in no time.

An official Tesla’s photo model of the mentioned model realising in mid 2018

It will be the firts vehicle built on Tesla’s third generations platform. The production has, as said, already started in mid 2017 and first vehicle deliveries areexpected to take place in mid 2018. One thing is sure, Tesla fans can’t wait to get a quick look of the new release! We’re also very curios about the latest version of this revolutionary car, so you can expect us to inform you about all the latest uppdates and news about Tesla’s Model 3.

The aim of the model, they say from Tesla company, is to reduce the cost and entry prices for electric vehicles  without making any compromise on performance and range.

And everything packed in a beautiful armor! We can’t say nothing more but how excited we are about this model, like we’ve never been before!

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Airbus reveals its new concept

Airbus has just announced their completely new and innovative concept of a car. This car is, we assure you, more than a car. It’s a car, a train and a drone, all packes in one! This fascinating concept has a soundly name – Pop.Up. We know you’ve probably already heard about some drone-car concepts in the past, but we can tell you this one is a brand new thing! It’s fascinating, stunning and yet looks so simple.

It’s a vehicle which you use just like you use any other car on the road. You sit and let it take you wherever you need. But, in case you get stuck in traffic, you can be sure you’ll pass the jam way faster than anyone else. How come?

Well, that’s where it gets so interesting and amusing.

If there’s a need for it, your car becomes a flying drone and takes you far away from the present traffic jam in no time. And you can do all that without having to take your butt off the car seat. When the jam is way behind you, your mean of transportation easily becomes car again and continues to drive you by road.

There are number of videos made to show the concept of the idea and which realisticly give us the view of the drone car. It looks like a concept for a video game more than it lopoks like something that will become reality in our near future.Of course, this concept is run by a zero emission electric motor, so it’s also environmentaly friendly!

No matter how fun or how amazing this looks, we somehow doubt it will become a thing anytime soon. Ofcourse, the inventors – Airbus company didn’t set any time frame for this technology miracle to become a reality, so we don’t really expect it that soon.

This is how the new drone car should look!

But, no matter, we’re glad and we support this amazing idea of merging technology and traffic into one. This concept is one of the few similars to be show at the biggest Motor show in the world. Of course, we talk about Geneva Motor Show. And we must add, the Airbus’ presentation was a huge success and the visitors really seemed to enjoy the car – drone videos.

You can see how it should work on the photos, bus the detauled videos and gallery are also available on the official Airbus’ web pages. There’s nothing left for us to do but to wish them good luck with this futuristic project!